Finally Free Conference

Tabor Ministries presents the “Finally Free Women’s Conference.”
Powerful worship, biblical truth, stories of healing and hope.

Based on their women’s story CD, “Finally Free: Stories of Hope and Inspiration” and Kim’s new book, “Finally Free: Living Free and Loving Life,” the Tabors have created a powerful experience for women of all ages.

Finding True Freedom
Kim is passionate about helping women live in the true freedom God has for each of them.

“A few years ago I looked at myself in the mirror and realized something,” she says. “Even though I had a relationship with Jesus Christ, I was still weighed down by the negative things in my life. I was carrying burdens that God never intended me to carry. I was so bound I could barely walk.”

Kim began to see that other women both inside and outside of the church were just as bound as she was and something needed to be done.

During the Finally Free event, Kim shares her own personal story of freedom, as well as the specific things God has taught her along her freedom journey. She goes on to say, “Freedom is there for the taking. God makes it available to everyone, but it is our choice to take hold of it each day.”

A Talented Team

Through Kim’s powerful speaking and singing, Brian’s anointed worship leading and a special question and answer time with some of the ladies from the CD, the Tabors invite you on an amazing journey to find your God-ordained freedom.

This unique gathering also includes moving DVD presentations of other women’s stories, a lot of fun and laughter, and a powerful prayer and communion time, which leads into an opportunity for the women in attendance to share their own personal stories as well.

A Custom Conference
Kim and Brian would like to bring the Finally Free Conference to the women at your church. This event has been attractive to many women’s ministry leaders because the Tabors bring all the speaking, worship, and music with them. It can be packaged as a 1-day conference at your church or a 1, 2 or 3-day retreat.

Women who attend will be given real handles on how to choose freedom each day and how to enjoy the life God has given them. Most importantly, they will be challenged to examine their burdens and ultimately leave them at the foot of the Cross, never to be picked up again.

Finally Free Snapshot

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