Keynote Speaking Topics


Being Set Ablaze
What does it mean to live the full life Jesus describes in John 10:10? Kim talks about the difference between flourishing in life and just surviving and ultimately how to shine like a blazing light each and every day for His glory.

Courageous Calling
His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. Courageous Calling will focus on how to have the courage to follow God and serve Him in ways that may not make sense to us.

The Art of Real Relationships
Relationships can be challenging, but we were created to need each other. This topic deals with how to have meaningful lasting relationships even though we are all imperfect people. Focuses primarily on female relationships, but touches on marital relationships as well.

Finding Joy In the Nowhere (Now Here)
This world can be very painful, yet God calls us to live a life of joy in Him regardless of our circumstances. We’ll discuss how to find an underlying sense of joy in the highs, the lows and even the mundaneness of life.

Redeemer Of My Regrets
Do you feel like you’ve fallen too far for God to reach you? Made too many mistakes to come back from? God can redeem every single regret in your life. Kim will discuss how to trust the One who is bigger than any mistake or regret you may have.

Our First Love
As imperfect human beings it is easy to lose our focus. How do we make sure God is the deepest desire of our hearts, whether we’ve walked with Him for many years or are just beginning our relationship with Him? Kim will give Biblical principles on how to come back to our first love.

Fear Not
How do we walk each day trusting the Great Lover of our souls? Whether He saves us from the fire or requires us to walk through the fire, He promises to never leave us. This topic focuses on God’s promises and His trustworthiness.

Finally Free
God calls us to a life of true freedom in Him, but many of us are weighed down by the burdens of life. We’re carrying things we were never meant to carry. Taken from the Tabor Ministries’ Finally Free Women’s Conference, this topic will focus on how to let go of those burdens and how to unleash the power of God within us.

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