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I have had the privilege of being a part of Kim’s journey for many years now. I have watched as she has worked to take hold of all that God has for her, and she has encouraged me to do the same. During the ‘Finally Free Conference,’ Kim walks us through her own story of freedom and teaches us how to begin the journey ourselves, towards true freedom in Christ. You will be encouraged, challenged, and inspired.

Sandi Patty
Grammy-Award Winning
Artist and Author

We were very grateful to experience the “Finally Free” ministry of Kim Tabor at North Mar Church in Warren, OH. This was a life-changing experience for our ladies, including myself. Kim is an incredibly gifted singer, but her energy in speaking and challenging us to give up our “stones”, the things from our pasts which cripple us from all God intended for us, brought conviction and healing to countless women at our church. Ladies in their twenties to ladies in their seventies chose to be free by Christ’s captivating power and love at our weekend retreat. God moved powerfully! Our ladies will never be the same. Even months later, ladies are testifying about the work God did in them that weekend.

Sharon Daum
Senior Pastor’s wife,
North Mar Church

Kim Tabor literally radiates the glory and goodness of God as only someone who’s been drastically transformed by love and forgiveness can. For the man or woman who’s convinced they’re beyond any of God’s promises – including healing, salvation, and second chances – have them spend time with Kim. The sweet and potent scent of Christ is upon this willing vessel, a living breathing testimony of what it means to be Finally Free.

Lynne Ford
Host ofMid-Morning in WBCL 90.3

Kim helps us to see through her own story that we can overcome the lies we have allowed to overtake our lives, and step into the beautiful truth of who we truly are in God’s eyes. Her book had such a personal impact on me that not only did I put it in my personal library but also asked for more copies to give away to our listeners!

Nancy Turner
host of This is the Day on Moody Radio Chicago

I have been hearing great feedback on retreat – the event as a whole, the worship, your speaking and content and the testimonies of Misty and Kristin! What a blessing! Our ladies are not hiding in the dark anymore. They brought the light of Jesus into their situation. Thank you so much for your obedience to God and your tenacity to minister to our ladies!

Kristin Evers
Women’s Ministry Director,
Chicago First Church of the Nazarene

Brian and Kim Tabor excel in bringing people into worship. I watched as hundreds of women were visibly touched with the “Finally Free” testimonies from their unique CD. Their humble spirits were refreshing.

Linda Stamps-Dissmore
former director, Oklahoma Women’s Ministries

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