Finally Free: Living Free & Loving Life (Book)


If the Son sets you free, you are truly free.
John 8:36 NLT

God has given us freedomfreedom to live our lives in peace and joy. As believers we know about it, we sing about it, and we talk about it, but are we actually free? Just knowing we can be free doesn’t make us free. Many continue to be bound by fear, anxiety, depression, addictions, or damaging emotionsperhaps you or someone you love.

Author and worship leader Kim Tabor found herself in this very situationshe knew she should be free, yet she was bound by the deceit of the enemy. In a pivotal moment God convicted Kim of her destitute state and began to lead her on a journey to lasting freedom. Now she shares these truths that brought her out of darkness and into the light of His peace and joy. You will journey with Kim through Focus, Restoration, Enjoyment, and Empowermentto be truly FREE.

God loves you and has your best in mind. Thats why He wants you to be free. If you have struggled in reaching your full potential, join Kim as she shares her life-changing experience and the real-life stories of others who have found their hope and freedom in God.

Kim Tabor, author, musician, and worship leader, travels with her husband Brian conducting ministry concerts, worship retreats, and worship leadership conferences. Kim is also a popular conference speaker for women’s retreats across the nation. Kim and Brian reside in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

Christian Life/Womens Issues/Religion
ISBN-13: 978-1-936314-26-3

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